Audit Confirmation Lookup

Step 1 of 3. Click on the agency you wish to review payment information. To view multiple agencies, click and press down on the control (Ctrl) button at the same time.

Click here for Questions About a Specific Program or Payment

Step 2 of 3. Select dates of payments. Once selected, the text will be white and the background will be dark.

Select a Beginning Month & Year:

Select an Ending Month & Year:

Step 3 of 3. Click the "Get Audit Confirmation Button" to view the report. When the box below is checked, the document will be displayed as a PDF document. By clicking on the box, the check will be removed and the report will be displayed as a HTML document. When the document is displayed as a HTML document, you may view the detailed information by clicking on a payment.

View Audit Confirmation as a PDF